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First Weekly Spotlight!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first ever weekly spotlight! I mean it’s technically not the beginning of the week (it’s Saturday) but it still counts, right? I’m so glad you’re here. Music is known to bring people together.

This is where I’m going to shine some light (ha, get it?) on the artists that I have discovered via social media (i.e. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube) or on a streaming site such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc! You get the point. I will tell you about them, why I chose them, and why I was gravitated towards them as an industry professional.

I recently found this artist on TikTok and was instantly hooked. Did anyone else download that app as a joke and now it’s totally addicting? Hopefully it’s not just me.

Okay, okay I’m getting to the point. With that being said introducing our first ever weekly spotlight, Sam MacPherson!

Images of Sam MacPherson via Atwood Magazine.

TikTok has ultimately changed the way how many look at the music industry. For example, record labels and publishing company’s have taken a different approach towards A&R. TikTok has gained a lot of traction due to the amount of talent that independent artists, producers, musicians, singer-songwriters have showcased on this app. And Sam MacPherson is one of those people.

Sam MacPherson is a twenty-three year old singer-songwriter and musician from New Jersey (via thread).

I discovered him once my algorithm and for you page catered to my likings. MacPherson’s song, “Last Minute,” was what drew me to him. He teased a snippet of this song on TikTok before he released it on April 8, 2021. Now, I’m more of a Spotify gal, but other streaming sites are just as important. With that, MacPherson has tons of recognition on Spotify resulting in about 7,670 followers and 475,500 monthly listeners. This particular song has excelled with about 314,700 streams, and can be listened to here. This song is just what gravitated me towards him, and his style is so unique! He knows his sound and wants to share it with everyone. He is clearly making an impact on the industry with his music.

That’s it for this weeks spotlight!

I’ll link all of his socials below so you all can check him out!

Spotify. TikTok. Instagram.

By The A&R Guru

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