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Audrey DuBois Harris Releases New Album ‘Lift Every Voice’

Vocal powerhouse, Audrey DuBois Harris, releases her highly anticipated album ‘LIFT EVERY VOICE’, following the release of her single, “We Shall Overcome,” earlier this year.

Audrey has inspired many around the world for nearly a decade!

‘LIFT EVERY VOICE’ is comprised of nine tracks of traditional classics. DuBois Harris was inspired by the one and only, Aretha Franklin. Not only is DuBois Harris still inspired by her, but Aretha served as a cherished mentor all the way up until her death.

DuBois Harris is a classically trained vocalist who has brought her incredible talent on some of the greatest stages in the world. She has performed on several occasions as ‘The President’s Soloist’ singing the National Anthem along with ‘Christmas at The White House.’

Her insane vocals will have you wanting more.

LIFT EVERY VOICE is a collection of songs that celebrate America’s rich cultural heritage and history. From such musical treasures as ‘God Bless America’ to ‘We Shall Overcome’, LIFT EVERY VOICE aims to showcase and honor our sacred love of God, country, and freedom. Generations of the past create the generations of the future. We’re all different yet the same. Seize the moment to listen to, communicate with, and embrace each other in ‘The Living Years’ before it’s too late.

Audrey Dubois harris

Check Audrey out below!

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