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Jeffrey James Releases New EP ‘Songs I Found in the Year I Lost’

Nashville based singer-songwriter, Jeffrey James, releases unforgettable EP ‘Songs I Found In The Year I Lost’.

This EP consists of 5 melodic tracks showcasing James’ rich vocals and insane lyricism.

  1. Sober
  2. Making It Up
  3. In The Back Of My Mind
  4. Small Talk
  5. We Can Be Heroes

2020 was a different time for all of us. It was a time to slow down, and take in each moment. It was a time where people learned new hobbies. It was a time where people found their true passions. It was a time when TikTok decided to take over the world while we were stuck in our homes. It was a time where creativity flourished.

During this time, James escaped into writing and creating and worked remotely with collaborators in Los Angeles, London, and Nashville.

“Sober”, “Making It Up”, and “Small Talk” came to fruition during these sessions.

The other two songs, “In The Back Of My Mind” and “We Can Be Heroes” were written pre-pandemic.

James was featured on NBC’s Songland in early 2020 receiving positive feedback from the show’s judges and the at-home audience giving “We Can Be Heroes” new life.

James released his first project, Walls, an EP back in 2016 and in 2020, he released his sophomore EP, East London.

James went to London for a month in search of collaborators who would challenge him artistically and help develop a sound that would resonate with others around the world.

His music has been featured in many TV shows and and films. Criminal Minds, All-American, Jack Ryan, Good Trouble, Shameless… just to name a few.

He’s racked up millions of streams and continues to inspire music lovers around the globe.

2020 by all accounts should have been a big year for me. I released my ‘East London’ EP and was featured on NBC’s Songland. However, instead of touring and promoting my new music, I (like everyone else) was forced to stay home with nothing to do but sit in my studio, work and think.

Jeffrey james

Connect with Jeffrey below and stream ‘Songs I Found In The Year I Lost’!

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