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New Zealand Based, Voodoo Bloo, Releases Brand New Single “SKIN”

Voodoo Bloo, an alternative rock band based in New Zealand, releases brand new single, “SKIN”!

Influenced by bands such as Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys, Voodoo Bloo is slowly making an impact in the music industry, especially on the international level.

Their last album, “Jacobus“, was well received around the globe especially in Australia, the UK, and the United States.

The line-up for Voodoo Bloo consists of Daniel, Oli, Jackson and Rory.

They are currently recording their second album due in the first quarter of 2022 so be on the lookout!

Following their second album release will be a New Zealand tour, and hopefully overseas (as long as COVID allows).

Skin is about ripping out of your teenage years and facing yourself in the mirror in a cruel, yet reflective look at what you love and hate about your life.

Voodoo Bloo

Connect with Voodoo Bloo below, and stream “SKIN”!

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