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Jack Harlow Kicks Off Night 1 of Sold Out Tour: “No Place Like Home”

Photo Credited to Jack Harlow’s Website.

If there’s one thing Jack Harlow wants the world to know it’s that Louisville, Kentucky is his home.

It could also be said that he could’ve sold out the KFC Yum! Center just as easily as he sold out these five, intimate venues in the city.

So why not? Why didn’t he do a show at the Yum! Center? Why did he pick these five venues throughout the city? What’s their significance?

Harlow has made his way up into the music industry and with every step, he shines a light on his hometown.

With over 43 million monthly Spotify listeners, Harlow has made a dent in his career and it’s just the start of what he can, and will do.

Back in October, Harlow announced that he would be giving back to five local organizations in Louisville: AMPED, Center for Women and Families, Grace M. James Academy of Excellence, Louisville Urban League, and Metro United Way.

I spent all my life fantasizing about being someone that could put Louisville on a pedestal. There’s a spirit and pride that runs deep, and it becomes more obvious to me when I travel to other cities and realize that that doesn’t exist everywhere. The city has always been special to me and I think we breed very unique, often laid-back people.


At only 23-years-old he has collaborated and worked with iconic figures in music such as Lil Nas X, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, Bryson Tiller (another Louisville native), and Adam Levine. Just to name a few.

He began rapping when he was twelve and in 2015, his EP “Handsome Harlow” debuted (AllMusic). Harlow’s style and production evolved displaying his ever-growing maturity with each release catching the attention of some labels.

He is currently signed to the record label Generation Now, and is co-founder of Private Garden which is his own music collective.


12/14 The Louisville Palace

12/15 Headliners Music Hall

12/16 Zanzabar

12/17 Mercury Ballroom

12/18 Old Foresters Paristown Hall

Jack Harlow Donating to Louisville Organizations – Billboard
Photo of Jack Harlow Credited to Billboard.

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