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Indie-Rock Band, Spell the Words, Release Debut EP, “I Guess I Miscalculated Things”

Back in December 0f 2021, indie-rock band, Spell the Words, released their debut EP, “I Guess I Miscalculated Things”!

The band consists of four mates: Deo, Vince, Dohn and Francis from the Philippines.

They are heavily influenced by bands like The Cure, New Order, Slowdive, Turnover, DIIV, Citizen, and Movements.

They met each other during their college years and played together in a band. This easily flourished into something more which far exceeded their time in university.

All four consider themselves more of a brotherhood than just a formal musical ensemble.

One of their goals is to establish their sound out of a coming-of-age movie which led them to incorporating different sub-genres of indie and alternative rock.

Their EP consists of 5 tracks heavily influenced by their dream pop roots. Tackling life and heartbreak, each track is filled with happy-sad tunes and nostalgia.

Connect with Spell the Words below, and check our their EP, “I Guess I Miscalculated Things”!

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