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Rising Pop Singer-Songwriter, Jamie Miller, Releases New Single, “I Lost Myself In Loving You”

Rising pop singer-songwriter, Jamie Miller, releases new heartbreaking single, “I Lost Myself In Loving You” via Atlantic Records!

Jamie wrote this song alongside Sierra Deaton and Jon Hume.

This single alone is so intimate and ultimately tackles the tribulations of blind love.

Born and raised in Wales, Jamie (with the inspiration from his parents) grew up on gospel, R&B and soul classics.

Jamie has henceforth discovered his own voice by honing to modern artists such as Bruno Mars, Lewis Capaldi, and Sam Smith.

At the age of 18, Jamie mustered up the courage where he relocated to London and appeared on his first UK broadcast television in 2017.

Crafting his own music, Jamie eventually moved to Los Angeles.

Catching the attention of Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Sam Smith and Jennifer Hudson (just to name a few) by his insane talent, Jamie easily gained a huge online following.

Last year, his viral single “Here’s Your Perfect” made a global impact accumulating over 335 million global streams to date and over 110 million video views combined.

Jamie has easily impacted the music industry by force, and continues to do so with the release of this single.

The only place he’s going is up.

I wrote this song after falling completely in love with the wrong person. After coming out as bisexual last year, I found myself in love with a guy for the first time and was completely blinded by my emotions. Although our time together left me deceived and heartbroken, I hope this song can help mend a few broken hearts.


Connect with Jamie below, and stream “I Lost Myself In Loving You”!

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