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Sam MacPherson Releases Emotional New Single, “Forget I Exist”

Singer-songwriter, Sam MacPherson, releases emotional new single, “Forget I Exist”!

Sam started gaining traction on TikTok with the release of his single, “Last Minute”, where it slowly turned into a trend.

I’m not mad about it.

This single alone has 1.8+ million streams on Spotify. His other singles such as “Routine” and “Perfect Conditions” have a combined total of 5.4 million streams.

Like most artists, TikTok has truly changed how music industry professionals approach artists nowadays, and has really shown how to adapt to this ever-changing industry.

Sam released his debut EP, “Songs for Sam” in October of 2021 displaying his unique songwriting and persistent attention to detail.

Path to Success

He signed with Kobalt Publishing back in 2021.

He has collabed with artists such as ROSIE, Garrett Nash, Andy Seltzer, Christian French and Adam Yaron.

More recently he has worked with VINCINT, gnash, Jack Gray and Stephen Sanchez.

He performed a sold out show at Mercury Lounge with ROSIE and opened for Liam Payne (hello, One Direction anyone?!) for a live virtual show.

He even sold out a headline performance at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.

Future Projects

Sam’s second project is ready to be released throughout 2022. Consisting of a handful of singles prior to an EP/album release.


Sam has only started making an indent in his career.

His DSP (digital streaming platform fyi) alone has grown so much within the past year and a half.

In 2020, he only had 200k streams and in 2021, that grew to 6.6 million streams. His listeners also grew from 95,000 to 2.2 million.

Let’s go, Sam!

The Bridge

it’s okay if you forget everything that you promised / it’s okay if you forget all the things that we wanted / if my name is something that you no longer acknowledge / it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay

Connect with Sam below, and stream “Forget I Exist”!

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