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Indie-Rock/Alt-Pop Band, almost a.m., Release Debut EP, “Dim the Night”

Indie-rock/alt-pop band, almost a.m., release their debut EP “Dim the Night”!

Based in Montana, the band consists of three people who all share the same last name.

What? Yes, well… they’re family. Two brothers and a cousin to be precise.

They’ve grown up together as best friends and have always dreamt of chasing after their dreams to pursue music.

And they’ve done just that with this release.

The Weight Has Lifted

Consisting of three tracks, their debut EP highlights the common theme of a certain weight being lifted.

Being able to breathe without having the pressures of life coming down.

Just being able to be relieved of the pressures we put on ourselves and others.

To just let go.

Each single doesn’t shy away from being honest and talking about the things that go below the surface.

We need that in this industry. We need artists that can, and will, relate to their fans and future audiences.

Music brings a lot of people together.

Throughout 2022

Throughout 2022, the band will continue to make and release music.

They will also be coordinating and having the opportunity to tour across multiple states in the Northwest.

A Message Woven Deep Within Their Music

Though we are in the dark, the morning is coming, so dim the night.

Because just as a light can be dimmed, so the night can be dimmed within you.

Connect with the band below, and stream their debut EP!

By The A&R Guru

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