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Pop/R&B Artist, Catt McCreary, Releases A Chill Romantic Version of Latest Release, “Good For Me”

Singer-songwriter, Catt McCreary, shows her vulnerability with the chill, romantic take on her latest hit, “Good For Me”!

About Catt

Raised in Atlanta, and as one of the city’s emerging artists, Catt has made a name for herself as the crossover with pop and R&B.

Back in 2014, Catt released her debut single, “Home”. She then performed the song with Conan O’Brien’s band lead, Jon Batiste.

By 2016, she had performed around Georgia showcasing her spunky self and percussion skills in her high school’s band jazz ensemble.

And by fall of 2016, Catt headed towards Nashville to maximize her songwriting and performing at Belmont University.

During her time in Nashville, she utilized her talent and stepped up her game by running production sessions, engineering her own vocals, and tracking beats.

About the Single

Her latest release, “Good For Me” had an amazing response with over 125,000+ streams and bumped up her Spotify listeners to 20,000+.

She even got placed on over 200 playlists.

With the release of the acoustic version, Catt is giving her listeners a laid back, chill perspective.

This is just one of many that will be released in 2022.

Connect with Catt below and stream, “Good For Me – Acoustic”!

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