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TIYA Releases Powerful New Single, “I WISH YOU DIDN’T EXIST”

At the beginning of January, Vancouver based singer-songwriter and creator, Tiya, released her powerful new single, “I Wish You Didn’t Exist”!

Following singles, “Hydrogen Peroxide” and “Chamomile Tea”, this is Tiya’s third single to be released.

This single is Tiya’s boldest single yet with a modern sound of fusing electronic, pop, and rock elements.

My heart had been feeling very loud, and the only way to express it was through the powerful melody of an electric guitar.


Her mission as an artist is to open up about her struggles with mental health so others feel less alone.

Her debut single, “Chamomile Tea” opens up about these struggles where she donated her proceeds to the mental health nonprofit, Anxiety Canada.

Artists bring versatility to this industry, and Tiya is no different.

“I Wish You Didn’t Exist” represents a different chapter in the same story.

This song is more than a coping mechanism. It’s a gift to Tiya’s fans and listeners too.

I want to be there to help people dance it all out. If we’re gonna be sad, we may as well have some fun while we’re at it!


I wish you didn’t exist / I wish we never had met

The song talks about trying to escape from someone, but no matter how hard I try or how many times I lock them out, they always find their way back. That someone is me. There are moments when I want to get away from myself, from the pain I inflict on myself emotionally when I engage in negative self-talk. It’s about wanting to stop idealizing a ‘perfect’ version of myself that doesn’t exist. It’s unattainable. I want to feel like I am enough as I am, and encourage others to feel the same.


Connect with Tiya below and stream, “I Wish You Didn’t Exist”!

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