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Indie-Pop Artist, Dawson Fuss, Releases New Single “Nothing Really Changes”

Indie-pop artist, Dawson Fuss, releases new single, “Nothing Really Changes” while facing growing pains and reflecting on his childhood.

Dawson has grown up in Santa Barbara and has been singing his entire life while propelled him to pursue a career in music.

His music is influenced by artists such as Ruel, Rex Orange County and Conan Gray.

His passion for music has continued to flourish as he’s matured.

I grew up believing that as I blew out the candles on my 18th birthday, the shackles of childhood would be broken… The problems I’d faced previously didn’t magically disappear, yet in reality, they became larger and more pressing.


“Nothing Really Changes” is the first single to follow Dawson’s debut EP Edge of Adolescence.

The message of this single is that it focuses on the transition from childhood to adulthood.

I realized I took advantage of the benefits of being a kid and living in a world of ignorance that now, being out of the bubble, I wish I could crawl back in and live in that blissful place.


Every listener can relate to this song no matter their age reflecting on the drastic shifts in their lives transitioning from childhood into adulthood.

Dawson was place in a singing competition, Teen Star Santa Barbara, showcasing his original song, “Real Boys Don’t Cry”.

Randy Jackson, American Idol’s own, was the judge and declared, “a star is born” after Dawson performed his original.

Reflecting on the simplicities of childhood, his music explores the topics of confusion and challenges of trying to balance being a kid and becoming an adult.

Continuing to develop his unique voice and passion for music, this is only the beginning for the indie-pop artist.

I come to life whenever I can perform in front of an audience. Singing makes me feel liberated. It makes me feel free. Being able to be completely connected with my body and mind while simultaneously connecting with the audience makes me transcend to a different realm. Any kind of negative feelings I have beforehand immediately vanish as I ease into the space of the song. It’s magic.


Connect with Dawson below, and stream “Nothing Really Changes”!

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