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Toronto Based Singer-Songwriter, Bodeen, Releases Single “Let There Be Peace”

Toronto based singer-songwriter, Bodeen releases single, “Let There Be Peace!”

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Bodeen has over 15 years of creating music under her belt.

“It is an extremely timely piece of music due to there being so much hate and war in the world right now. It touches on social issues like disease (COVID-19), police brutality, and hatred within mankind.”


Not only has she release “Let There Be Peace” in 2022, but she just recently released a new single, “On Read”!

The world is in some need of positive change and what better way to spread that than through music?

Bodeen wants to spread the love and her passion for music.

There truly is no better way when listeners are able to connect to a song whether that’s relating to a breakup or the heartbreak going on in the world.

As a singer-songwriter, Bodeen is extremely versatile. She has focused mainly on R’n’B and alternative folk, but has expanded into alternative rock, country and blues.

After high school, Bodeen left Toronto to pursue her degree in London at Western University.

She created a name for herself and ultimately her alter ego, Bodeen, while she was in London.

Bodeen helped her step into the light and be who she wanted to be without her past getting in the way.

She began making music when she was around 9 years old. She started taking classes for guitar and singing by the age of 10.

The 26-year-old is currently bringing the heat with the release of her original work.

Photo of Bodeen Credited to James Ellis.

Connect with Bodeen below, and stream “Let There Be Peace”!

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