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LJR Releases Infectious New Single, “More Time”

LJR releases infectious new single, “More Time”! Out now!

He gives his listeners all The Fray vibes with his raspy voice and the way he approaches his music and songwriting.

“More Time” submerges listeners in a complex relationship between past lovers who begin to question the role they play in each other’s lives.

This is the second single that has been released and will form LJR’s upcoming debut album, “When the Sky Began to Fall”.

His debut album will have twelve tracks that will serve as a testimony to the last decade of his life. Each single has, and will be, released monthly on streaming platforms.

His interview is already up on the blog, and can be accessed here.

Check him out below, and stream “More Time”!

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Lia D’Sau Releases Debut Single, “Manboy”

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Photo of Lia D’Sau by Ariel Bendet.

18-year-old singer-songwriter, Lia D’Sau has released her debut single, “Manboy”! Out now!

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, D’Sau explores her thoughts on womanhood, relationships, and social issues with maturity and curiosity, using music as her inspiration.

She wants her listeners to know that her songwriting is a declaration.

“Having other people write songs for me seemed daunting, terrible. I’ve been taught to look deeper at the world since I was a child, and I have things I want to say.”

Lia D’Sau

Growing up, Lia listened to her parents favorite R&B records as her father was a former boy band member himself!

She began singing when she was just 8 years old and at the age of 15, she attended music camp in New York City.

Lia has blended her love of indie and R&B that she was raised on in her new single.

With 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, she is taking charge of what she wants the world, and fans, to hear with her music.

Date a man, not a boy.

I wrote this song when I was 17 and had broken up with this guy I was seeing. My friend and I were talking about how I needed to start dating men, and not boys, so that’s how I came up with the term, “Manboy”. I was hurt from what had happened in our relationship and just laid out our entire timeline for the verses of the song. Writing it ended up becoming a therapeutic way to have closure around what happened, and doing that on my own.”

Lia D’Sau

Check her out below and stream “Manboy”!

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Eraste’s EP “crashing every party” Will Have You Embracing Who You Are

Eraste (air-este) is a 21-year-old self-taught singer and instrumentalist from Texas.

Her main musical inspirations are Lorde, Halsey, and FLETCHER.

Growing up in a small town in Texas, she struggled with being queer in her youth.

Music was her outlet, she was able to express herself and write about how she felt outcasted, but also how she was able to find herself through music.

Since she is a fully self-taught musician, there isn’t much background with theory.

One of the things that makes her stick out in the music industry is that she is able to break style and musical boundaries because they aren’t real to her to begin with.

Some of the beautiful things that she writes about is her struggle with mental health and how it has impacted the people around her.

She wants her listeners to know that her music is how she centers herself and that’s how she has found her identity.

I was able to interview Eraste and get a little sneak peek into her life. Check it out below!

What got you started in music?

I’ve always loved music, but I grew up leading worship in my church. I feel like that’s how a lot of artists from Texas get started in music haha. I didn’t really have musical family members so my musical background is like… Hillsong and whatever my older sisters were listening to (Rihanna usually) or the Hot 100. I think that’s what made me really love pop music and made it feel like such a natural thing when I started making it.

Can you elaborate on what made Lorde, Halsey, and FLETCHER your musical inspirations?

I really enjoy listening to people with unique tones and honest story-telling because I can see myself in them. Halsey’s “Badlands” was the first time I was exposed to nitty-gritty electro-pop and I absolutely fell in love with it. It was a huge 180 from the country music that PLAGUES the panhandle lol. I love the way they tell their stories, and listening to Halsey was the first time I could really relate to someone who wrote about things I was going through at the time. That album and their music have such a special place in my heart because they gave me representation in the LGBTQ community that I hadn’t previously seen. Lorde is in a league of her own and Melodrama is the blueprint for everything I could hope to be. She creates with such a sense of freedom and honesty and writes about whatever she wants and we LOVE it. In pop music, there’s a lot of pressure to make your music “digestible” but Lorde never really gives a fuck about that, and that’s really admirable. I can only hope to tell my stories in the special way she tells her’s. They are all people I look up to when I’m writing my music, and they constantly inspire me to be more honest and vulnerable.

How have you overcome being queer with your music? Has it taught you anything?

I wouldn’t say ‘overcome’ as much as embrace being queer! I’ve known I was Bisexual since I was what, 15? And it was extremely difficult to come to terms with that for me. When you come from a place that’s so close-minded, there is a lot of pressure to become what others want you to be. My biggest fear is being inauthentic to myself, and so it was hard to know who I was and not be able to share it. I think it leads to a lot of questioning of who I am, like, who are you when there’s no one around to see it? Do you even exist? Kind of thing. When I was hiding, this music reminded me who I was even when I was running from it. I think as I continue to make my own music and explore the parts of myself I left behind it will continue to teach me that it’s okay now you know? This whole process has taught me to be kind to myself through all the self-discovery.

As a fully self-taught musician, what advice would you give to someone who is looking to learn how to play an instrument or become an artist?

Hahah I say “fully self-taught” I had BRIEF piano lessons (Joanne you’re a real one) but I was too small to like make it stick I guess. When I was a little older I started teaching myself to play pop songs on the piano, and I just used my ears! My advice would be to start on an instrument that makes the most sense to you, I’m a visual person so piano is that instrument for me! And then I branched out to learn other instruments when I was comfortable. I learned to really listen to music and then recreate those sounds on the piano, and that’s the easiest way for me! But if it doesn’t make sense to you I would say learn basic chords first, and then all the scales, and then it will come together. Music is just beeps and boops so eventually it will make sense because there are only so many beeps to be booped. haha.

How would you describe your latest EP?

Eclectic! Fun! Pop bops! In my EP I wanted to do everything I was capable of and I didn’t really go into it with a set concept or plan, and it’s funny to think that a concept came up anyways! The best part about coming from a household where there was little to no music, is that I was influenced by a ton of different stuff. Radio bops in the 2010s, country music (sadly), worship music, and everything in between. Although it was really fun to explore lots sonically, through that I learned what I am really good at and what I love to do the most and now I can move forward with that. It was so honest and I’m so happy to set that precedent so that going forward my listeners always know I’m going to be true to my experiences like all of my favorite artists.

If you could tell your listeners one thing about your EP, what would it be?

My opening line is “You can never really know me because I don’t really know me.” I think a lot of people can relate to that and so that makes it really special. I talk a lot about the idea of feeling lost and constantly feeling like you’re pretending to be something you’re not. If they have ever felt this way I want them to know that they are not alone!

Check her out below!

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Elise Del Mar Releases New Single, “Fix This”

Image of Elise Del Mar Taken by Sammy Joyce.

Elise Del Mar is a 20-year-old electropop/soft electronic artist. She is originally from the midwest, but moved to Nashville to pursue her career in music.

She currently attends Belmont University majoring in Songwriting with a minor in Music Business.

Her first single, “Didn’t Mean It” has gained over 26,000 streams on Spotify.

Elise started writing music as a way of self-expression while dealing with some of the daily struggles that come along with being a young adult.

Music is a way to let people into my life on a deeper level than what they see on the outside. I hope to be able to connect with people by putting raw emotions into songs and singing the words others sometimes struggle to find about how they feel.

Elise Del Mar

“Fix This” is a song about falling in love and having the perfect love story. Much like romantic movies they have happy endings, and the movies that don’t have happy endings are sole crushing for hopeless romantics (much like myself).

Instead of a happy ending, you guessed it, this song ends in heartbreak.

With hints of pop, electronic music, lofi sounds, and an emotion-filled beat this song will have you “in your feels.”

Elise’s style of music reflects the one and only T. Swift and has similar sounds to Chelsea Cutler and Zara Larsson.

This song will help you heal post-breakup.

Check her out below, and stream “Fix This”!

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Embrace Your Inner Demons with “Monster”

Artwork Created by Kenny Harris.

Monster is looking the demons in the eye, facing them, and using your army of Monsters to move forward to find the power of JOY! Monster is about embracing yourself in the darkness and the light and knowing you are not only in this one feeling.

Carrie Welling

Nashville songwriters, Carrie Welling and Alex Wong, release dual single, “Monster”!

Both Carrie and Alex united to release this song and campaign about embracing our inner demons.

Carrie and Alex wanted to craft a single that exposes the beauty of our inner demons and to encourage conversation around mental health.

This single has two versions, NIGHT and DAY, reflecting the sphere of mental illness. NIGHT is a full band version that represents the demons that we push down and keep hidden. DAY exposes the beauty contained in our darkest parts when we choose to see them without judgment.

How beautiful is that?

Carrie has steered her way through life’s twists and turns from a young age. She struggled to feel rooted in one place as a self-described ‘military brat’ following paths of heartbreak, doubt and insecurity. This was a journey that led to her soul-defining rebirth as an international touring artist.

In 2020 she released her full length album, High Heels and Heavy Things showcasing her raw and organic style.

Alex is a Latin GRAMMY-nominated artist and producer. His music has been featured in movies The Last Song and The Lincoln Lawyer; TV shows True Blood, Ray Donovan, One Tree Hill and commercials for Google and Aquafina.

Alex has toured all over the world and has performed at festivals like Coachella, Outside Lands, and Corona Capital.

In 2020 Alex released his second solo LP, The Elephant and the Seahorse!

To celebrate this release, Carrie and Alex are hosting an exclusive listening party featuring live performances by each of them and Thunder Lily on July 2 at Angelhouse South.

This event will be limited to 40 people, but will be streamed worldwide and a portion of each ticket purchased will be donated to Rethink Mental Illness.

Here is a ticket link for the event on July 2!

NIGHT version

DAY version

Monster is about learning to love our whole selves, even the dark parts that we often deny because we’re ashamed or embarrassed to admit they’re a part of us too.  When we can embrace and love our “monsters” they can become powerful allies instead of demons.”

Alex Wong