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Western Australian Sister-Duo, Oceanique, Release New Single “Like I’m Living”

Western Australia sister-duo, Oceanique, releases new uplifting folk single, “Like I’m Living”!

This single showcases the twin’s undeniable enchanting songwriting and musicianship.

On their last tour, Jess and Maddy previously sold out shows in Albany and Fremantle.

The sister-duo is going to be touring and exploring Western Australia performing new and unreleased songs with their band.

“Like I’m Living” is an uplifting story of change and explores the concept of uncertainty.

The duo has shared stages with WAM award nominees Tracey Barnett, Tanya Ransom, and Emily Barker.

Their long-awaited debut album is set to release in 2023 so be on the lookout!

“Like I’m Living” is a song about navigating life in your early 20s, when we wrote this one, we both were finishing our studies and it really felt like we were stepping into the real world. We felt life shifting, things around us changing and we were standing in the centre watching everything move.


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Ro Rivers Releases New Single, “Desire”

At the beginning of this month, Irish singer-songwriter, Ro Rivers released her new single, “Desire”!

“Desire” is the second single that’s been released that will be on her upcoming debut EP.

Her first single, “Repair”, was released back in July of this year.

Her debut EP is entirely self-written and was recorded in London.

Ro has written and performed a number of dance tracks so she’s no stranger to the music industry and world of pop.

She has made appearances at Glastonbury and Jools Holland.

Like many artists during the lockdown, Ro saw it as an opportunity to explore her craft and hone in on her true musical abilities.

Check out the music video for her first single “Repair” below!

Be on the lookout for her debut EP releasing in October!

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Peach Luffe Shares Personal Story With Release of New Single “Fallen”

Photo of Peach Luffe Credited to Alex Lam.

This past Friday, bedroom pop artist, Peach Luffe shares a personal story with the release of new single “Fallen”!

Born in South Korea and now based in Toronto, Peach Luffe creates music with his friends in his bedroom studio.

Peach Luffe is the nickname for the artist, Jong Lee who is a classically trained violinist.

Luffe has gotten a lot of love from his past singles amassing 2+ million streams on Spotify and roughly 17K followers on TikTok.

“Fallen” tells a relatable tale of running into your ex when you’re least expecting it.

Or ex-friends with benefits. Or situationship. Catch our drift? Did your heart skip a beat?

Maybe you know this feeling all too well and it doesn’t soften the blow any less.

Just about every person has had this type of experience and Peach Luffe tells his story beautifully in “Fallen”.

Watch the official music video below!

Be on the lookout for his debut album releasing on October 21, 2022!

This song is a personal story. As I was biking to my friend’s apartment I passed by my ex of 5 years. Luckily I was going at a lightning speed but I saw her. My heart was pounding and my mind was in shock. A feeling every young person experiences.


Photo of Peach Lauffe Credited to Alex Lam.

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Alexa Cappelli Faces Mixed Emotions in New Single, “Temporary”

Alexa Cappelli can’t be the only one who’s been in a situationship and decided it was best to end things even if either party didn’t want to (but to be completely honest, one more than the other). Do you catch my drift?

I know I’ve been there and being pulled around on a puppet string with no clear intentions and having absolutely no commitment is daunting.

Let’s be real, sometimes it hurts more than an actual relationship, and Alexa Cappelli, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, put most of our thoughts into words.

MTV hailed Alexa as a “voice of a generation“.

She released her new single, “Temporary”, this past Friday via Arista Records.

“Temporary” explores the mixed emotions of breaking off a ‘situationship’.

They suck, okay? Why are they even a thing?

Alexa embraces her songwriting with heartfelt confessions, honest thoughts, and unforgettable experiences.

Focusing on music wholeheartedly and being inspired all across the board from artists like Maggie Rogers to Jon Bellion, Cappelli began to write and record music on her own.

In the height of the pandemic, her single, “Forbidden” gained traction accumulating over 2.5 million streams on Spotify.

Her single, “SAY SOMETHING” has generated over 3.5 million streams paving the way for her independent EP, Confused @ 22 back in 2021.

Her first single, “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone,” was released earlier this year under her new label home, Arista Records, marking a new chapter in her life.

Watch the “Temporary” visualizer below!

“‘Temporary’ is a nostalgic song that makes the future of my love life seem less daunting, being proud of myself for knowing what I want and not settling for anything less. When I wrote ‘Temporary,’ I had finally processed my previous summer situationship and how I ended things. It was the song I needed to remind myself that I did the right thing by not trying to change them. I want the kind of love that doesn’t need convincing, the love that is sure on both sides of the street.”

Photo of Alexa Cappelli Credited to Sam Gold.

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Canadian Singer-Songwriter, sunsetto, Releases New Single “drugs are for fun”

Last month, singer-songwriter and producer, sunsetto released a new single, “drugs are for fun”!

Based in Toronto, Canada, “drugs are for fun” was produced by Danes Blood and BEN10K and was written by sunsetto.

“drugs are for fun” is an uptempo track and is carried by the strength of sunsetto’s vocals.

During 2020, sunsetto shared a snippet of his single, “don’t leave” on Instagram and gained the attention of thousands which amassed hundred of thousands of streams.

With the viral buzz of “don’t leave” sunsetto followed up with two more singles, “good connection” and “downtown”.

Be on the lookout for his debut EP!

Based in Toronto, Canda, sunsetto (aka Kyle Mischiek) is a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Together he brings R&B, alternative, and pop to the table through his work.

His vocals reflect in and out of hazy loops, stoned DIY beats and cinematic production (which beamed out of his personal studio).

Check out the music video below!

Using his own reflection to find comfort, the music video was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada where his beautiful childhood landscape was used as a backdrop.

I wrote the song in LA last November about coping mechanisms that formed from seemingly harmless fun with partying but that led to some important conversations and changes in my life. The song is disguised as an upbeat catchy pop anthem but, at its core, is a sobering conversation between two people. Nobody is perfect, and we’re not all lucky enough to have someone in our life that cares enough to tell us we need to make a change.


Photo of sunsetto Credited to @moosecanfly.

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