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Lexi Jayde Releases Highly Anticipated Fan Favorite “drunk text me”

All the girls are going to be screaming this at the top of their lungs for the rest of 2022 (and the new year just started)!

Are we okay?

Back in November, Lexi teased a snippet of her single on TikTok gaining over 75,000 pre-saves. It immediately blew up grabbing the attention of thousands.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter is based in the Los Angeles area.

In 2021, she signed with Artist Partner Group, a record label based in LA, and released her debut EP, “a teenage diary” back in July.

With the release of this single, we’re starting 2022 off right!

On release day and due to the viral impact of this single, Lexi will be featured on the cover of Apple Music’s New Music Daily.

The following week, she will be interviewing with Zane Lowe.

Her previous releases have been supported by Billboard, MTV, Notion Magazine, Ones to Watch, and Earmilk.

She’s also been featured on playlists such as New Music Friday, Indie Pop, Teen Beats, Fresh & Chill, and more.

Through her music and as a voice of Gen-Z, Lexi tells her story of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, mental health, and nostalgia.

How many of you can relate to this song? Clinging to hope that maybe your ex would text you, but in reality knew that they wouldn’t.

How many of you want them to drunk text you?

“drunk text me” is such an intimate song and shows the personal story of Lexi’s struggles with heartbreak.

I hate that I still want you / I don’t want to but I want you / Look what you’ve done to me / I hate that I still miss you / I don’t want to but I love you

In most breakups it’s often hard to find closure, I certainly had a hard time and wish there were explanations for things left unanswered. I kept asking myself,‘Why was I hurting so bad?’. I kept wishing my ex would’ve texted me saying sorry and clear things up. I knew he would never do it but I wondered if he would ever drunk text me. I wrote that concept in my notes and the song blossomed from there. The song is so special and comes straight from my broken heart.


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Jack Harlow Kicks Off Night 1 of Sold Out Tour: “No Place Like Home”

Photo Credited to Jack Harlow’s Website.

If there’s one thing Jack Harlow wants the world to know it’s that Louisville, Kentucky is his home.

It could also be said that he could’ve sold out the KFC Yum! Center just as easily as he sold out these five, intimate venues in the city.

So why not? Why didn’t he do a show at the Yum! Center? Why did he pick these five venues throughout the city? What’s their significance?

Harlow has made his way up into the music industry and with every step, he shines a light on his hometown.

With over 43 million monthly Spotify listeners, Harlow has made a dent in his career and it’s just the start of what he can, and will do.

Back in October, Harlow announced that he would be giving back to five local organizations in Louisville: AMPED, Center for Women and Families, Grace M. James Academy of Excellence, Louisville Urban League, and Metro United Way.

I spent all my life fantasizing about being someone that could put Louisville on a pedestal. There’s a spirit and pride that runs deep, and it becomes more obvious to me when I travel to other cities and realize that that doesn’t exist everywhere. The city has always been special to me and I think we breed very unique, often laid-back people.


At only 23-years-old he has collaborated and worked with iconic figures in music such as Lil Nas X, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, Bryson Tiller (another Louisville native), and Adam Levine. Just to name a few.

He began rapping when he was twelve and in 2015, his EP “Handsome Harlow” debuted (AllMusic). Harlow’s style and production evolved displaying his ever-growing maturity with each release catching the attention of some labels.

He is currently signed to the record label Generation Now, and is co-founder of Private Garden which is his own music collective.


12/14 The Louisville Palace

12/15 Headliners Music Hall

12/16 Zanzabar

12/17 Mercury Ballroom

12/18 Old Foresters Paristown Hall

Jack Harlow Donating to Louisville Organizations – Billboard
Photo of Jack Harlow Credited to Billboard.

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Jude Shuma Releases New Audiovisual Project “Suzy Space Cadet”

Back in October of this year, Jude Shuma released a new audiovisual project, “Suzy Space Cadet”!

Jude is an artist who thrives off experimentation and pushing the limits of his own creative boundaries.

“Suzy Space Cadet” is one part album, one part comic book; it’s a true multimedia project that consumes both music and art.

This project is best experienced as a whole – fans should listen to the album while reading the comic.

Jude’s songs have been heard in hit network shows: Riverdale, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Quantico.

Jude discovered his passion for music at an early age finding inspiration from The Beatles and Nirvana.

He has racked up hundreds of thousands on Spotify alone due to his audiovisual success.

Based out of Chicago, Jude works alone in his studio preparing for new music.

“Suzy Space Cadet” was born from the monotony of quarantine and the freedom of unrestrained exploration.

I wrote the story of “Suzy Space Cadet” before I even started to write any of the music. About a girl who, despite having a lover and beautiful life, is still filled with longing and desire to go out and explore the galaxy. She finally leaves home only to find that her lust for wandering would be her ultimate demise. That all of the new friendships and partying she did along the way left her feeling more empty and meaningless than before. She realized everything she ever needed was back at home; she already had it.

Once I wrote the story and established the concept of outer space, the record took off on its own. I started to experiment with sonic textures using my Roland 201 Space Echo religiously. I got real deep into the idea of re-amping tracks at that time. I would either completely alter a sound or maybe take both the original and the re-amped track and blend them both together. It was a lot of toying around with ideas and wanting to find unique tones.”


Connect with Jude below, and check out “Suzy Space Cadet”!

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Indie-Pop Favorites, Eighty Ninety, Release New Single After Brief Hiatus “heart on the line”

NYC-based brothers Abner and Harper James return with the release of their new single, “Heart on the Line” after a brief hiatus!

You all… this single put me in the ground. I have such a sweet stop for indie-pop and this single was no different.

“Heart on the Line” balances intimate storytelling with catchy melodies and enticing pop production.

Out of the two brothers, Abner is the main guy for vocals while Harper plays guitar, but both brothers are masters with production.

We let the emotional arc of the song, rather than any set of genre conventions, lead us to instruments and sounds.


This single is about a make-or-break moment in a relationship where you’re confronted with the choice to continue fighting for the love and partnership you’ve built or let it slip away.

Ouch, right? Who can relate?

Now I’m all choked up / And now I can’t sleep / Are we falling in love / Or apart at the seams? / Maybe we can’t know / Maybe love is the same as belief

Debuting the Eighty Ninety project back in 2016 with their first single, “Three Thirty” which climbed to #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts.

They released their debut EP, Elizabeth, in 2016 and their music has gone up to rack over 29 million streams.

The duo has gotten press support from Billboard, Alternative Press, and Ones to Watch.

They have also earned a co-sign from Taylor Swift who added their single “Your Favorite Song” to her official Spotify playlist – Songs Taylor Loves.

When we produced ‘Heart on the Line’ we wanted it to feel personal — almost like it was recorded late at night after one of the midnight phone calls we’re writing about in the song. But we also wanted the choruses to feel cinematic because even though feelings around these moments are personal, they can feel so huge. To show that contrast, we used minimal verses and lonely, distant counter melodies with sweeping, harmony-stacked choruses.


Connect with Eighty Ninety below, and stream “Heart on the Line”!

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After Stepping Away from Career, Wyke van Weelden Releases New Single, “take me where you wanna go”

Dutch singer-songwriter, Wyke van Weelden, releases new single “take me where you wanna go”!

While her career was starting to take off, she decided to step back for personal reasons, but now she’s back!

This single is by far her most special and professional project yet.

At 19 years old, Wyke started her music career in 2012 debuting on national Dutch television where she performed her single, “I Do Love”. Check out the single below.

That same night she was trending #3 on Twitter. With this success, she had multiple radio performances and interviews.

She’s been asked to write for movies and commercials with songs “Make You Mine” (The Pool 2014) and “World of Blue” (WWF’s biggest campaign of the year).

She has also performed in concert halls such as The RAI and Ziggodome in Amsterdam.

During the middle of 2020, she lived in Spain and covered “Soldadito de Hierro”, an original by Nil Moliner.

Wyke ended up making an official English version called “Soldier” which was released by Warner Chappell.

“take me where you wanna go” is just the beginning of what
Wyke wants to accomplish as an independent songwriter.

She is working on her music independently, and is focusing on bringing art and stories into her songs and music videos.

In my opinion everything should make sense. In “take me where you wanna go” the lyrics do not only connect with the music, but also with everything that happens in the videoclip. I find image and videoclip as important as the feeling and production of the songs, it really has to be special. And thanks to an amazing team of artists I was lucky to work with, we succeeded in creating something with meaning. I feel like I truly found my way back into music and that this is what I want to create.


Check out her official music video for “take me where you wanna go” below!

Connect with Wyke below!