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ROSIE Releases New Single, “Something I Hate”

Singer-songwriter, ROSIE, returns with the release of new single, “Something I Hate”!

This song has single-handedly impacted thousands and has reached 2+ million views on TikTok.

ROSIE gained her traction and established herself in the music industry during the pandemic.

Most artists, like ROSIE, turned to TikTok when the world shut down and was able to share their music with thousands around the world.

ROSIE sticks out among artists in the industry with her thoughtful songwriting.

She also has a refreshing approach when discussing mental health.

“I want to be transparent. Everything is exactly as it appears. The scale of emotions that everyone feels is such a spectrum. The bad days are equally as important as the good days. Be strong when you’re feeling strong, be vulnerable when you’re feeling vulnerable.”


The 22-year-old simply shows that we’re not alone in this world of battling lifelong insecurities.

Back in October of 2021, ROSIE released her debut EP ’20mg of happiness’ which has accumulated over 40+ million streams to date.

Not only has she had success with the release of her EP, but this spring she joined Chelsea Cutler on her North American tour.

ROSIE continues to grow as she shares snippets of her upcoming music on TikTok impacting Gen Z and Millennials.

Cheers to you, ROSIE. Thank you for being authentic and taking no bullshit.

“Creating ‘Something I Hate’ was such a painful yet cathartic experience for me. I’ve always tried to write about what scares me, but speaking on such deep-rooted insecurities such as body dysmorphia and eating disorders was truly terrifying. I hope this song reaches every single person who needs to hear it and that it helps to heal others the way creating it has healed me.”


Check out ROSIE below and stream, “Something I Hate”!