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Rising Pop R&B Artist, Michael J Woodard, Releases New Single, “Ruined”

Rising singer-songwriter Michael J Woodard releases his dreamy new single, “Ruined”!

Not only did Woodard release this new single, but he also announced the release of his debut EP, WMJ1.

His debut EP is set to be released on January 12 via Unsub Records.

This song is about the emotional fallout that follows a breakup.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Woodard sang in church and at the performing arts elementary school he attended.

When he was around the age of 13 he started singing at high-profile events such as the US Open.

Woodard also performed for former president Barack Obama when he visited Philadelphia.

Working in his home studio that he created, he started to share his vocals and the results of his songwriting online.

After high school, Woodard headed to Hollywood to study at the Musicians Institute.

In the sixteenth season of American Idol, Woodard landed in the Top 5. Championed by Katy Perry, he was later signed to her record label, Unsub Records.

Since then, he has voiced the title character in the Netflix series, Arlo The Alligator Boy and has focused on releasing new music.

Check out his accompanying music video to this single below!

This song means so much to me. It really taps into a vulnerable feeling that we may all be familiar with: the feeling of love and losing love. As humans we experience so many glimpses and instances of what it means to be in love and, sometimes, if we lose that love we may not know how to put that feeling into words. I hope it allows people to be vulnerable, to feel, to relate, and to hopefully find joy and a relief to know that someone out there is singing about a familiar part of their journey when it comes to love.

Michael J Woodard
Photo Credited to Mark Peaced.

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Breakout Artist, Zoe Wees, Releases Debut Album “Therapy”

Zoe Wees has been on everyone’s radar since she debuted with her single “Control” in 2020.

“Control” has amassed nearly three billion combined global streams and has earned a RIAA Gold-certified award along with a Top 20 Pop radio hit.

“Control” was her debut single that was followed by “Girls Like Us” which was highlighted in the New York Times Magazine as “the sad banger” and was applauded by People as “a vulnerable pop anthem that pushed for togetherness and solidarity to girls around the world.”

With a twenty-song tracklist, “Therapy” is the album that re-tells Zoe’s life of growing up with anxiety, health conditions, and growing up in a single-parent home.

Not only that, Zoe has grown to deal with everything that the music industry and social media have thrown at her.

“Love Should Be Easy” leads the album which talks about the willingness to let go of a relationship that has become toxic.

As an artist, Zoe has executed connecting with her audience through her emotional stories that have become universally relatable.

My music is my therapy, a way to overcome my innermost fears and insecurities. Therapy is more than just an album for me; it accompanies my journey to discover and learn to love myself.

Zoe Wees
Photo of Zoe Wees Credited to Lillie Eiger.

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Manchester Based Quartet, Peacock Method, Releases New Single, “I Provide”

Today, Manchester based quartet, Peacock Method, released their brand new single, “I Provide”, encompassing the energy of post-punk, indie disco, and synth pop.

Peacock Method was formed during the United Kingdom’s lockdown and one of their goals was to bring energy and optimism back into Manchester’s music scene.

They have gained a dedicated following through their live performances across Manchester and the North-West and continue to captivate audiences with their sound and high-energy.

Their most recent singles, “Your Faith” and “Love is Blue” have amassed over 60,000 streams on Spotify which has only contributed more towards their rise in the music industry.

Peacock Method consists of Adam Kenny, vocals/keyboard; Lucas Berry, bass; Richard Newton, guitar/background vocals; and Chris Storer, drums.

Check out “I Provide” and connect with them on their socials below!

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Alt-pop Band, Valley, Releases New Single “Have A Good Summer (Without Me)”

Following being announced as support for Dermot Kennedy’s latest Canadian tour, Valley releases their latest single, “Have A Good Summer (Without Me)”!

“Have A Good Summer (Without Me)” is the fourth single off Valley’s upcoming sophomore album, Lost In Translation.

This single was released only a week ago and has already amassed over 440,000 streams on Spotify.

“Have A Good Summer (Without Me)” follows three previously released tracks including, “Throwback Tears,” “Good, but not together,” and “Break For You” which have already accumulated 10 million streams globally.

Valley wrapped up their headlining North American tour ‘Lost In Translation’ and will be back touring in Southeast Asia and Australia this summer adding new songs to their setlist.

Valley consists of Rob Laska (lead vocals), Mickey Brandolino (guitar, synths), Alex Dimauro (bass), and Karah James (drums, vocals).

Valley was formed by accident back in 2016 when a local studio double-booked them; Karah and Mickey played in one band while Rob and Alex played in another.

2023 is already starting to be an explosive year for this amazing band.

The summer in our minds is a romanticized version of life. Love and its adventures are heightened with the heat and the water and the sunshine. The blow of losing someone before those precious few months of the year is devastating to say the least. ‘Have A Good Summer (Without Me)’ is loving them so much, you will let them go.

Karah James

If this isn’t the song of the summer for heartbreak, then I don’t know what is.

Their sophomore album, Lost In Translation, is out June 23rd!



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Lost In Translation

Photo of Valley Credited to Becca Hamel.

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BENTLE Releases New Single “Darkest Blue”

New York-based Australian artist, BENTLE, releases a new hypnotic pop single, “Darkest Blue”!

BENTLE is a project of Josh McVey originally hailing from Brisbane, Australia who now lives in the Big Apple.

With only five releases under his belt, BENTLE gives off all the indie-pop vibes through his music.

Josh McVey is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He produces and writes all of his own material.

There’s multiple reasons why BENTLE needs to be on your radar.

His 2021 single, “MONDO” was a hit and has surpassed 435,000 streams on Spotify.

It looks likes BENTLE is preparing to reveal his debut EP so be on the lookout.

‘Darkest Blue’ is very much about the connection between color, texture and circumstance. There’s been a few times over the past year where it feels like I’m not able to stop myself from sinking or falling into a certain state of mind or state of being. ‘Darkest Blue’ is kind of an exploration of that falling sinking feeling and what it would feel like if I explored it…the visual I had when writing the song was that I fell into the night sky (which was scary and unknown) but I woke up in this ethereal new environment where, though it was still unknown, it was equally intriguing and enlightening.


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