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BENTLE Releases New Single “Darkest Blue”

New York-based Australian artist, BENTLE, releases a new hypnotic pop single, “Darkest Blue”!

BENTLE is a project of Josh McVey originally hailing from Brisbane, Australia who now lives in the Big Apple.

With only five releases under his belt, BENTLE gives off all the indie-pop vibes through his music.

Josh McVey is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He produces and writes all of his own material.

There’s multiple reasons why BENTLE needs to be on your radar.

His 2021 single, “MONDO” was a hit and has surpassed 435,000 streams on Spotify.

It looks likes BENTLE is preparing to reveal his debut EP so be on the lookout.

‘Darkest Blue’ is very much about the connection between color, texture and circumstance. There’s been a few times over the past year where it feels like I’m not able to stop myself from sinking or falling into a certain state of mind or state of being. ‘Darkest Blue’ is kind of an exploration of that falling sinking feeling and what it would feel like if I explored it…the visual I had when writing the song was that I fell into the night sky (which was scary and unknown) but I woke up in this ethereal new environment where, though it was still unknown, it was equally intriguing and enlightening.


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Shaina Hayes Releases Debut Album “To Coax A Waltz”

Image Credited to Noemie Sylvestre.

Back in April of this year, Canadian folk artist, Shaina Hayes released her debut album, “To Coax A Waltz”!

The singer-songwriter was born in a small farming and fishing village in Shigawake, Quebec.

Hayes’ music takes shape as she ties her homeland and distinctive heritage through her songwriting.

Hayes built a musical career performing and recording with multiple groups after she studied jazz voice at Vanier College in Montreal.

Back in February of 2021, Shaina brought a small team of Montreal-based artists to Shigawake to arrange and record “To Coax A Waltz”.

One of the singles within the album that needs to be listened to is “Honey Friend”.

Shaina has such a beautiful folky voice and we can’t wait to see where she goes!

Image of Shaina Hayes Credited to Lawrence Fafard.

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Alt-Pop Artist, Fior, Releases Bewitching Ballad, “Serotonin”

Back in August of this year, alt-pop artist, Fior released a seductive new ballad, “Serotonin”!

Based in Miami, Fior started her musical journey playing songs by ear on a toy piano around 8 years old.

As a rising artist, her latest single has surpassed 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Along the way, she’s developed her own style; she began to write her own lyrics and make original beats.

Fior was influenced by a range of artists like Amy Winehouse, Billy Joel, and No Doubt.

She blends alternative rock with pop, R&B, and soul.

Like many artists, Fior wants to be able to connect with her audience.

Her lyrics are inspired by real life and celebrate the kind of vulnerability that leads to strength.

This has not only inspired listeners to accept their emotions, but it also has encouraged and embraced the importance of speaking your mind.

Her previous three singles were all released in 2022 and have surpassed 1.5 million streams altogether.

“Serotonin” was released in August so we’re looking forward to what Fior has in store for us!

There’s been a theme in the four singles I’ve released this year about breaking free from the cycle of a toxic relationship. Young love is confusing and challenging. “Serotonin” is the final nail in the coffin of that relationship. I’m
alright and don’t want to try again, which was my feeling that I was finally over it.“


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Belgian Artist, Gos Rosling, Releases Debut Single “Birdie”

Back in August of this year singer-songwriter, Gos Rosling released his debut single, “Birdie”!

Hailing from the Belgian countryside, Gos describes this single as the ‘push and pull’ effect in relationships.

Being good or bad for each other, giving too much of yourself, and in the end, losing yourself.


Rosling started writing and playing music at a very young age, and he grew up with his parents that fed him 80s pop and folk tunes.

He’s influenced by artists such as Ben Howard, The Cure, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The 1975, and more.

Following his debut single, Rosling just released his second single “Crossroads” which was released last Friday.

In spring of 2023, Rosling will be releasing his first ever EP, “Cigarettes/Wine”.

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Singer-Songwriter, Thomas Day, Releases New Single “Wildflower”

Last Friday, 19-year-old, singer-songwriter Thomas Day released his new single, “Wildflower”!

Thomas has amassed over 25 million streams and 7 million social media followers.

He took off on TikTok with his covers and began to share his songwriting and powerful vocals.

Day signed with Arista Records back in 2021, and has since released hit singles such as, “not my job anymore” and “The New Me” among others.

At just 9 years old, Thomas realized music was his future and started participating in musical theatre productions.

As a Tennessee native, Day found another outlet – football, but he never let go of his musical dreams.

He became his high school’s star kicker and started receiving scholarship offers upon graduating earlier this year.

With those multiple scholarship offers for football, Day made the ultimate decision and turned them down to fully commit to a career in music.

The music video landscape was so pretty and so fitting for the song itself considering there were so many flowers all around me. I loved being able to portray that song through physical imagery.


The music video was directed by Brenton Giesey and shot in Nashville, TN, and can be watched below!

This is my song to help anyone who is feeling alone. No matter how pretty someone is or how amazing their life looks, everyone experiences pain and can get lost sometimes.


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