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SUCKERPUNCH! Releases New Single, “Nightcalls”

Photo Credited to Josiane Farand.

Two friends, Jonathan and Thierry, bonded over their love for early 2000s pop during the height of the global pandemic.

Over the course of quarantine, both passed the time by sending riffs to each other.

The two realized, with this act over the pandemic, that they had some promising songs on their hands.

Both decided to take a leap of faith by demoing their tracks with Montreal songwriter and producer, Luc Sylvestre.

Their rough demos quickly grabbed the attention of local musicians, Frederic Thuot and Romain Prugne, and you guessed it, SUCKERPUNCH! was formed.

Infusing high energy songs with a modern pop aesthetic, the band recruited Canadian duo, The Lost Boys, to develop their sound.

Their debut EP consists of four tracks with a modern pop sensibility.

It’s currently unreleased and is expected to be released in mid 2022.

As you wait on their EP, you can listen to singles, “Break Up” and “Nightcalls”!

One rule: “Make pop punk fun again.”

Connect with SUCKERPUNCH! below and stream “Nightcalls”!

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Meet Nashville Duo, Salemtown!

Photo of Salemtown Credited to Michael Tedesco.

Introducing Nashville duo, Salemtown! During the 2020 Nashville quaratine, Patrick Cornell and Dan Harrison got together, wrote, and recorded a ton of songs.

During lockdown, Dan and Patrick did their best to be creative and with that, they ended up forming this duo.

Their EP, Pretty Wild, was released on January 18, 2021. Their debut single, “Pretty Wild” has been added to some popular Spotify playlists such as New Music Nashville, Fresh Finds Country, Next from Nashville, Wild Country and New Boots!

This duo is something special.

Get to know both Dan and Patrick better by checking out their interview below!

What got you started in music? 

We’re both solo artists and have been doing our solo music since we were kids. But, in 2019 a mutual friend in management suggested we write together. The write went so well that we kept writing and recording music together as a duo through the 2020 Nashville COVID lockdown and here we are!

Who or what inspires you?

We’re inspired by rock n roll greats like The Eagles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Rolling Stones and Van Halen and Country greats like Willie and Merle and newer artists like Eric Church and Sam Hunt.

What is your creative process like? 

Typically Patrick writes the music and records all the instruments and makes a track. Then Dan listens to that and comes up with some vocal melodies. Once that’s solidified both of us write the lyrics. It’s a true 50/50 collaboration. 

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

We’re brand new, so anyone who’s interested haha. Maybe John Mayer, Post Malone or Justin Bieber. The Stones or the Eagles would be pretty killer, obviously. Can you get us their number haha?

If you’ve performed, what’s your favorite thing about performing?

We’ve only performed four times so far. Harmonizing our vocals is tough to beat. That seems to be what people like best too. 

What’s one of your favorite things about the music industry? What’s one thing you would want to change? 

There’s nothing good about the music industry! But, one of our favorite things about music is creating something from nothing. Like one day this song doesn’t exist, three hours later you can’t get it out of your head. That’s pretty special. If there was something we could change about the music industry it would probably be the objectification of women. Nothing wrong with singing about a girl you think is pretty, but they do do other things, like run companies, run countries, raise children and create amazing music. 

What’s next? 

We want to play as many shows as possible and release as much music as possible. We’re releasing six EP’s this year and already have all the songs we’re releasing in 2022 written.  

Photo of Salemtown credited to Michael Tedesco.

Check out the duo below!

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Jake Brewer Releases New Album, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”

The 23-year-old New York singer/songwriter released his new album, “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” back on April 29th.

This album documents Jake’s early 2os through self-reflection and learning the pleasure behind releasing control.

This album launched the singer into a new era of indie/bedroom pop.

Jake is making a name for himself in many things.

He’s originally from Seattle and he’s recently spoken at TedX. He’s the founder of FRNDLY Media and the host of the Groundbreaking podcast.

Since 2018, Jake has been selling out shows across the United States and touring with bands such as PREP, Jenny Kern, and Fox Royale.

Jake is quickly gathering attention around the world and getting support with collaborations with HBO Max and Tommy Hilfiger.

Connect with Jake below and stream his new album!

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New York Artist, Jake Daniels, Releases Debut EP, “Obsessed”

New York artist, Jake Daniels, releases debut EP, “Obsessed”!

This is his largest body of work to date under CloudKid.

“Obsessed”, the alt-pop track, is the last chapter of the series involving two characters whose quest for love is an emotional rollercoaster.

His staple is emotive sounds, and compelling, narrative-based storytelling.

This is only just the beginning for artists that are able to connect with not only themselves and their surroundings, but for their listeners to actually connect and relate.

Although it’s not rare nowadays to relate to a song or album, it just means so much more especially in this ever-changing industry.

Obsessed” follows the storyline of a relationship between two, dare I say, toxic individuals. The main character finds himself infatuated with the other person, and gets addicted to their fling, undefined-style relationship quickly, but finds himself wanting more with every subsequent visit and interaction. The other party doesn’t want to commit to anything serious, and it becomes an issue over time between them, where the initial person starts to become so attached, it starts bordering obsession. It’s meant to deep dive and mirror the fling-style relationship trend that is happening now in our generation. Although not everyone goes through it this way, it’s becoming more common to just date who you want when you want, no commitment involved. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with it, but wanted to bring light to what that could feel like between the two people involved, from my perspective.


Jake was born and raised in a small city in upstate New York. His musical journey began early in life surrounded by his gifted parents and siblings.

Only releasing music since 2019, Jake has made a huge impact on the pop and alternative charts.

“Two Face”, his most viral track, is what pushed his career to what it is today.

Youtube’s animation and Gacha community welcomed this track with open arms gaining listeners attention all over the world in a matter of months.

Jake Daniels, keep bringing that dark alt-pop our way.

The initial person starts to become attached, it starts to border obsession.”


Connect with Jake below and stream “Obsessed”!

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Indie-Pop Artist, Dawson Fuss, Releases New Single “Nothing Really Changes”

Indie-pop artist, Dawson Fuss, releases new single, “Nothing Really Changes” while facing growing pains and reflecting on his childhood.

Dawson has grown up in Santa Barbara and has been singing his entire life while propelled him to pursue a career in music.

His music is influenced by artists such as Ruel, Rex Orange County and Conan Gray.

His passion for music has continued to flourish as he’s matured.

I grew up believing that as I blew out the candles on my 18th birthday, the shackles of childhood would be broken… The problems I’d faced previously didn’t magically disappear, yet in reality, they became larger and more pressing.


“Nothing Really Changes” is the first single to follow Dawson’s debut EP Edge of Adolescence.

The message of this single is that it focuses on the transition from childhood to adulthood.

I realized I took advantage of the benefits of being a kid and living in a world of ignorance that now, being out of the bubble, I wish I could crawl back in and live in that blissful place.


Every listener can relate to this song no matter their age reflecting on the drastic shifts in their lives transitioning from childhood into adulthood.

Dawson was place in a singing competition, Teen Star Santa Barbara, showcasing his original song, “Real Boys Don’t Cry”.

Randy Jackson, American Idol’s own, was the judge and declared, “a star is born” after Dawson performed his original.

Reflecting on the simplicities of childhood, his music explores the topics of confusion and challenges of trying to balance being a kid and becoming an adult.

Continuing to develop his unique voice and passion for music, this is only the beginning for the indie-pop artist.

I come to life whenever I can perform in front of an audience. Singing makes me feel liberated. It makes me feel free. Being able to be completely connected with my body and mind while simultaneously connecting with the audience makes me transcend to a different realm. Any kind of negative feelings I have beforehand immediately vanish as I ease into the space of the song. It’s magic.


Connect with Dawson below, and stream “Nothing Really Changes”!