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Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, Xavier Rudd, Releases New Album “Jan Juc Moon”

Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Xavier Rudd, releases new album, Jan Juc Moon via Virgin Records!

With the release of his album, this news is accompanied by the LP’s third single, “Ball and Chain” which features rising Northern Territory rapper, J-MILLA.

If you want to experience the liveliness of this performer, Xavier will be touring throughout the UK in September playing shows in Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, and London.

His first indie album debuted in the early 2000s and over the last twenty years, Xavier has built a strong fan base across the globe.

This album was recorded during COVID of last year.

Jan Juc Moon embraces human community and our connection to the earth at its core.

Over the last twenty years, Xavier has showcased his passion for environmental and social activism, advocating for indigenous Australian rights.

One of the more reasons to embrace him as an artist. Advocating for his country and his people.

We all carry the weight of our history and of the plight of our ancestors as we make our way in this world. For some that weight is much heavier than others. Either way the road is long, challenges are set in stone, the human spirit can be remarkable.


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Love You Later Releases New Single, “Keepintouch”

Artwork Credited to Reagan Renfrow.

Nashville based singer-songwriter, Lexi Aviles, releases new single, “Keepintouch” under project Love You Later.

Co-written with fellow Nashville-based songwriters, Bre Kennedy and Kyle Dreaden.

Love You Later is bringing all the alt-pop vibes with this release.

“Keepintouch” sees Love You Later confronting her discomfort with being alone and her journey towards finding peace in learning to like her own company.

Shouldn’t we all find peace in our own company?

Love You Later is a solo alt-pop project, and the music makes you feel like you’re in a dream.

Over the past few years, the 23-year-old artist has opened up for OneRepublic, Dayglow and Briston Maroney. Last year she even sold out Nashville’s EXIT/IN.

This is just the beginning for Love You Later.

My boyfriend had just left for tour a few weeks prior and my friends were all starting to date people – of course, I wanted to be happy for the people I loved, but in all honesty it was really hard. I almost felt this sense of disconnection from myself like I had forgotten how to be alone. We finally came up with the concept for the song once I came to this strange realization – I felt more connected to myself when I had other people around me, but I knew that I really needed to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel connected with myself. And I also wanted to express the fear of losing the people I loved in the process. It’s pretty much summed up in the tag of the song: I’m losing touch with everyone else / trying to keep in touch with myself.

Photo Credited to @pixelgash.

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TIYA Releases Powerful New Single, “I WISH YOU DIDN’T EXIST”

At the beginning of January, Vancouver based singer-songwriter and creator, Tiya, released her powerful new single, “I Wish You Didn’t Exist”!

Following singles, “Hydrogen Peroxide” and “Chamomile Tea”, this is Tiya’s third single to be released.

This single is Tiya’s boldest single yet with a modern sound of fusing electronic, pop, and rock elements.

My heart had been feeling very loud, and the only way to express it was through the powerful melody of an electric guitar.


Her mission as an artist is to open up about her struggles with mental health so others feel less alone.

Her debut single, “Chamomile Tea” opens up about these struggles where she donated her proceeds to the mental health nonprofit, Anxiety Canada.

Artists bring versatility to this industry, and Tiya is no different.

“I Wish You Didn’t Exist” represents a different chapter in the same story.

This song is more than a coping mechanism. It’s a gift to Tiya’s fans and listeners too.

I want to be there to help people dance it all out. If we’re gonna be sad, we may as well have some fun while we’re at it!


I wish you didn’t exist / I wish we never had met

The song talks about trying to escape from someone, but no matter how hard I try or how many times I lock them out, they always find their way back. That someone is me. There are moments when I want to get away from myself, from the pain I inflict on myself emotionally when I engage in negative self-talk. It’s about wanting to stop idealizing a ‘perfect’ version of myself that doesn’t exist. It’s unattainable. I want to feel like I am enough as I am, and encourage others to feel the same.


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Natalie Lauren Drops New Single, “Swoonin'”

Singer-songwriter, Natalie Lauren, has written for stars such as Tori Kelly, Iggy Azalea, Lecrae, and Chris Brown.

And now, she has dropped a single of her own, “Swoonin'”!

This single reflects the whirlwind of emotions that exist between welcoming a new crush and embracing the presence of love again.

The message of this single is to give permission to explore yourself and intimacy in all forms.

It also encapsulates what it feels like to say yes to the present without negotiating fear.

Lauren’s music has taken inspiration from James Faunteleroy, Brandy, Frank Ocean, Toni Morrison, Audre Lorde, and WJ Lofton.

About Natalie

Natalie grew up in a household where the exploration of music and artistry was encouraged.

At age eleven, she wrote her first song, and at age fourteen, she started exploring production and recording with her uncle, the late Wayman Tisdale.

Natalie has set out to master a mixed media form of storytelling.

Songwriting, Painting, and Creative Direction.

She is the founder and leader of Native Creative and Curios Green.

She is also the creator director for the country’s largest Juneteenth celebration in Tulsa, Oklahoma and for the upcoming Beloved Benefit in Atlanta, Georgia.

I’ve always been surrounded by musicians who taught me to write. In college, I lived with two gospel singers, Deitrick Haddon and Damita Chandler, who really helped me shape my writing skills.


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Caroline Romano Releases New Single, “Panic Attack” And Announces Debut Album

Nashville based alt-pop artist, Caroline Romano, releases new single, “Panic Attack”!

Millennials and Gen Z, this song is for you.

About the Single

“Panic Attack” is a stripped down song that highlights the intimacy of Caroline’s songwriting.

Not only does her song show how she feels, but it allows her listeners to connect with her on a deeper level.

One of the reasons music is so powerful is that it can relate to anyone and everyone.

Recalling the paralyzing sensation of a panic attack, this single showcases the raw talent Caroline has as an artist.

Caroline’s Debut Album

Her debut album is set to be released on February 25th, and will include singles such as, “The Hypothetical”, “Ireland in 2009”, “Oddities and Prodigies”, and “Lonely Interlude”.

Her Success in this Industry

At just 20-years-old Caroline is taking the music industry and pop scene by storm.

The self-proclaimed “loudest sort of introvert” has already written and performed to the hearts and ears of the most anxious generation (not to call you out…Gen Z and Millennials).

Across her streaming platform she has gained millions of streams and has caught the attention of Hollywood Life, Just Jared and American Songwriter.

Her songwriting showcases her ability to take on modernity, romanticism, and the highs and lows of being young in today’s world.

She is a force to be reckoned with.

I wrote “Panic Attack” in a parked car after one of the worst panic attacks I’ve ever experienced. I had just gotten off the phone with my mom, frantic because I didn’t know what to do or how to help myself. The only thing I knew to do was to write it all down. It’s still not something I can fully put into words, but writing this song helped pull me out of my own head. I’m an incredibly anxious person and I’ve struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember, which is why it felt so important to spotlight “Panic Attack” as a single. The last line of the song is, ‘I think I’m gonna be okay,’ because I truly believe that— I believe it for myself and for anyone listening. We’re going to be more than okay.


Photo of Caroline Romano Credited to Justin Key.

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