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Voodoo Bloo Releases Their Sophomore Album, “The Blessed Ghost”

New Zealand-based alt-rock band, Voodoo Bloo, released their sophomore album, “The Blessed Ghost” back in July of this year.

Inspired by bands such as Deftones, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, and Artic Monkeys.

Their sophomore release was featured in Clash magazine in the UK along with other notable publications.

Tracks ten through twelve have been premiered on New Zealand’s number one rock station, Radio Hauraki; the band’s single, “Small” was on New Zealand’s Rock Charts for four weeks!

Talk about moving up in the industry since the release of their single, “SKIN“!

Voodoo Bloo just finished up their Australian leg of the tour with alt-rock band, RADICALS, and start the New Zealand leg in October of 2022.

I started Voodoo Bloo as I wanted to start a new chapter in my musical career, whilst still using the knowledge I gained from my previous band, to try and make something really special to me.

“The Blessed Ghost” an album that has completely pulled the band from their past, and finally giving our listeners something that has all our signature sounds placed in a way you had never imagined before. 


Connect with Voodoo Bloo below, and stream “The Blessed Ghost”!

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