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Balancing Act Releases New Single “A Little More Time”

London-based quartet, Balancing Act, releases new single, “A Little More Time”!

“A Little More Time” is their third single to be released before their debut EP comes out in September.

This single has been stripped down compared to their two previous energetic singles.

Kai Roberts, vocals, and Jackson Couzens, guitar, describe the single as being about “time pressures on what seems like everything in the modern world.”

Roberts and Couzens first met in Manchester while they were working on separate projects.

…felt as though we’d hit a wall in Manchester, both musically and personally. It wasn’t offering what we wanted anymore, so we packed up and moved to London.


In moving to London, Roberts and Couzens completed their group with band members, George Le Page (drums) and David Carpenter (bass).

Their first single, “Cold”, was released in February of this year and was followed up by their second single, “All Yours”!

We can’t wait for their debut EP to release in September!

Follow Balancing Act below, and check out their single, “A Little More Time”!

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