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Canadian Singer-Songwriter, sunsetto, Releases New Single “drugs are for fun”

Last month, singer-songwriter and producer, sunsetto released a new single, “drugs are for fun”!

Based in Toronto, Canada, “drugs are for fun” was produced by Danes Blood and BEN10K and was written by sunsetto.

“drugs are for fun” is an uptempo track and is carried by the strength of sunsetto’s vocals.

During 2020, sunsetto shared a snippet of his single, “don’t leave” on Instagram and gained the attention of thousands which amassed hundred of thousands of streams.

With the viral buzz of “don’t leave” sunsetto followed up with two more singles, “good connection” and “downtown”.

Be on the lookout for his debut EP!

Based in Toronto, Canda, sunsetto (aka Kyle Mischiek) is a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Together he brings R&B, alternative, and pop to the table through his work.

His vocals reflect in and out of hazy loops, stoned DIY beats and cinematic production (which beamed out of his personal studio).

Check out the music video below!

Using his own reflection to find comfort, the music video was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada where his beautiful childhood landscape was used as a backdrop.

I wrote the song in LA last November about coping mechanisms that formed from seemingly harmless fun with partying but that led to some important conversations and changes in my life. The song is disguised as an upbeat catchy pop anthem but, at its core, is a sobering conversation between two people. Nobody is perfect, and we’re not all lucky enough to have someone in our life that cares enough to tell us we need to make a change.


Photo of sunsetto Credited to @moosecanfly.

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