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Peach Luffe Shares Personal Story With Release of New Single “Fallen”

Photo of Peach Luffe Credited to Alex Lam.

This past Friday, bedroom pop artist, Peach Luffe shares a personal story with the release of new single “Fallen”!

Born in South Korea and now based in Toronto, Peach Luffe creates music with his friends in his bedroom studio.

Peach Luffe is the nickname for the artist, Jong Lee who is a classically trained violinist.

Luffe has gotten a lot of love from his past singles amassing 2+ million streams on Spotify and roughly 17K followers on TikTok.

“Fallen” tells a relatable tale of running into your ex when you’re least expecting it.

Or ex-friends with benefits. Or situationship. Catch our drift? Did your heart skip a beat?

Maybe you know this feeling all too well and it doesn’t soften the blow any less.

Just about every person has had this type of experience and Peach Luffe tells his story beautifully in “Fallen”.

Watch the official music video below!

Be on the lookout for his debut album releasing on October 21, 2022!

This song is a personal story. As I was biking to my friend’s apartment I passed by my ex of 5 years. Luckily I was going at a lightning speed but I saw her. My heart was pounding and my mind was in shock. A feeling every young person experiences.


Photo of Peach Lauffe Credited to Alex Lam.

Connect with Peach below and stream “Fallen”!

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