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Ro Rivers Releases New Single, “Desire”

At the beginning of this month, Irish singer-songwriter, Ro Rivers released her new single, “Desire”!

“Desire” is the second single that’s been released that will be on her upcoming debut EP.

Her first single, “Repair”, was released back in July of this year.

Her debut EP is entirely self-written and was recorded in London.

Ro has written and performed a number of dance tracks so she’s no stranger to the music industry and world of pop.

She has made appearances at Glastonbury and Jools Holland.

Like many artists during the lockdown, Ro saw it as an opportunity to explore her craft and hone in on her true musical abilities.

Check out the music video for her first single “Repair” below!

Be on the lookout for her debut EP releasing in October!

Connect with Ro below and stream “Desire”!

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