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Alter-ego Artist, Annie Foxx, Releases Debut Single, “Blood Runs Cold”

Anna Volpe, singer-songwriter from NYC recently started a new alter-ego project, Annie Foxx. Her new project and debut single, “Blood Runs Cold” is out NOW. It was released at midnight on Friday, May 28th.

This song is an edgy hype empowerment song and Annie Foxx is all about bringing the alternative edge to pop music. For the last year, Foxx has been working with various songwriters and producers from LA to Nashville.

Annie Foxx is a fierce singer-songwriter, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

I was able to interview Foxx and see how this new project of hers panned out. Check it out below!

What got you started in music?
Music has always been in my life. I grew up within the classical music world and industry where both of my parents were heavily involved in the performing arts. I always found myself singing in and out of school and decided to take it seriously in high school when I started taking voice lessons and I haven’t looked back! 

If you could give fans or future audiences a message about your release, “Blood Runs Cold”, what would it be? 
I would say even though this song is definitely dark and has an edge to it, “Blood Runs Cold” is an empowerment song to its core. It’s about pulling yourself up from the bootstraps and overcoming adversity.  

Who or what inspires you? 
Off the top of my head, life experiences are the biggest inspiration to me when it comes to songwriting. Also, other songwriters and artists are also huge inspirations to me – their stories, experiences, etc. Lastly, the people in my life inspire me on the daily!

Where do you see yourself as a singer-songwriter/artist in five years? 
In five years, I see myself fully committed as a singer and songwriter under my own name (I initially started releasing music under my name), Annie Foxx, and possibly in other side projects as well. I see myself working in the studio and writing sessions day to day- writing for myself, for others, and for licensing (TV, movies, ads). I really look forward to what’s to come!  

What do you think is the most difficult or challenging part about being in the music industry?
The most challenging part about being in the music industry for me is remembering that this career is not a sprint, but a marathon. A career in music takes time, a lot of time, and success is never overnight. As someone who is very impatient, I have to remind myself of this a lot! 

What’s your favorite thing about NYC?
There are so many things that I love about NYC but I would say the biggest two things are the people and food.  Living in NYC is never boring and it’s filled with such unique, wonderful, talented people! And the food, well, NYC has it all!

What’s next?
I am currently working on several awesome projects for Annie Foxx that I am super excited about. After Blood Runs Cold, I definitely plan to release more music this year! Also, on a personal note, I am also planning on moving to Nashville later this year so I am super excited for what’s to come in a new city and home! 

Stream “Blood Runs Cold“!

I’ll link her socials below so you all can check her out!

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