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Island Records Presents Young Devyn

Image of Young Devyn Credited to Universal Music Group.

I had the honor of attending a press conference by Universal’s °1824 to get a look into the life of artist, Young Devyn.

She’s only nineteen, has already done so many great things, and has caught the attention of many. Hello, Cardi B followed her back on Instagram!

Young Devyn is the youngest artist ever to freestyle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher.

Young Devyn is a MC, singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York and has Trinidadian roots which is one of the many things that has inspired her in her music. During the press conference, she mentioned that she started music when she was just eight years old.

Young Devyn has known what she has wanted to do since she was very young and that has led her to incredible opportunities. She mentions that, “so many doors close, but bigger doors open.”

Her newest single, “Act Bad“, was released on May 21st and Young Devyn discussed how this song happened organically. She didn’t have any idea what to expect going into the studio, but her creative process unfolded and “Act Bad” was formed.

Her lyrics are based off real life experiences, and there’s something for everybody to relate to. It’s important to pay attention to the lyrics because that’s what people tend to gravitate towards.

One of the many things I loved about Young Devyn in this press conference was how open and humble she was. She mentions that being around her close friends and family is what keeps her humble, and she has embraced that as she continues to grow in this industry.

Her debut album, Baby Goat, is so versatile and Young Devyn says that it’s “unapologetically you”. If you want to hear something about love, go to this track or if you’re in a vibey mood, go to this track.

Baby Goat is OUT NOW! This album has eight tracks that are completely different from one another and show how versatile Young Devyn really is in her work.

Image of Young Devyn Credited to Universal Music Group.

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