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Zack King Releases New Summer Bop, “Butterfly Face”

Minnesota based, singer-songwriter, Zack King releases new summer single, “Butterfly Face”!

Zack King is the one to listen to if you’re a fan of The Band CAMINO, The Fray, or Parachute.

Zack has played around with music his whole life, but once he graduated college that’s when he decided to pursue it professionally. King mentions that he has found “peace and happiness through creating music.”

His debut album, “Mess,” was released in 2020 and was very successful gaining him listeners that didn’t make him feel so alone.

‘Mess’ was inspired by King’s past relationships, everyday challenges, and the never-ending pursuit to become the person he was meant to be.

“Butterfly Face” is the first single off of King’s upcoming EP.

Who has opened your eyes to the world around you?

Have you ever met someone that’s opened your eyes to the world around you? Someone who shows you how beautiful this world can be, and all of its endless possibilities? Someone who takes the gray out of your dull skies, and replaces them with happiness and hope? ‘Butterfly Face’ is about meeting that special someone that sets you free. When you see her, you feel like you’re able to finally break out of your shell, or open up from your cocoon; like a butterfly.

Zack King

Check him out below, and stream “Butterfly Face”!

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