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Daniella Spadini Releases Debut Single, “Part of You”

Image of Daniella Spadini Taken by Rachel Bullard.

21-year-old, up-and-coming artist, Daniella Spadini releases her debut single, “Part of You”! Out now!

Daniella grew up in a small town in the rural valley of Northern California. She quickly learned to fill the small-town quiet with songs of her own creation.

She has been writing music for as long as she can remember and has been inspired by her peculiar outlook on the world.

Early on she was influenced by Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Carole King (such classics, right)?! Each of these influences have shaped her lyrically driven style which reflects on her modern inspirations of Ed Sheeran, JP Saxe, Sasha Sloan, and Adele.

As a teen, she performed with a Top 40 cover band in hundreds of shows at venues, but ultimately felt called back to her songwriting roots. She left the band soon after to pursue her own artistry.

She is currently attending and finishing up her undergrad at Berklee’s College of Music where she is majoring in Songwriting.

Daniella is known for her playful wit, but her work is soul-bearing, yet coy. Just wait until you listen to “Part of You”!

As she walks this delicate line, she wants her listeners to be right beside her feeling every laugh and every cry along the way. She is excited to show her listeners the world through her eyes.

Check her out below, and stream “Part of You”!

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