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Embrace Your Inner Demons with “Monster”

Artwork Created by Kenny Harris.

Monster is looking the demons in the eye, facing them, and using your army of Monsters to move forward to find the power of JOY! Monster is about embracing yourself in the darkness and the light and knowing you are not only in this one feeling.

Carrie Welling

Nashville songwriters, Carrie Welling and Alex Wong, release dual single, “Monster”!

Both Carrie and Alex united to release this song and campaign about embracing our inner demons.

Carrie and Alex wanted to craft a single that exposes the beauty of our inner demons and to encourage conversation around mental health.

This single has two versions, NIGHT and DAY, reflecting the sphere of mental illness. NIGHT is a full band version that represents the demons that we push down and keep hidden. DAY exposes the beauty contained in our darkest parts when we choose to see them without judgment.

How beautiful is that?

Carrie has steered her way through life’s twists and turns from a young age. She struggled to feel rooted in one place as a self-described ‘military brat’ following paths of heartbreak, doubt and insecurity. This was a journey that led to her soul-defining rebirth as an international touring artist.

In 2020 she released her full length album, High Heels and Heavy Things showcasing her raw and organic style.

Alex is a Latin GRAMMY-nominated artist and producer. His music has been featured in movies The Last Song and The Lincoln Lawyer; TV shows True Blood, Ray Donovan, One Tree Hill and commercials for Google and Aquafina.

Alex has toured all over the world and has performed at festivals like Coachella, Outside Lands, and Corona Capital.

In 2020 Alex released his second solo LP, The Elephant and the Seahorse!

To celebrate this release, Carrie and Alex are hosting an exclusive listening party featuring live performances by each of them and Thunder Lily on July 2 at Angelhouse South.

This event will be limited to 40 people, but will be streamed worldwide and a portion of each ticket purchased will be donated to Rethink Mental Illness.

Here is a ticket link for the event on July 2!

NIGHT version

DAY version

Monster is about learning to love our whole selves, even the dark parts that we often deny because we’re ashamed or embarrassed to admit they’re a part of us too.  When we can embrace and love our “monsters” they can become powerful allies instead of demons.”

Alex Wong



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