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Elise Del Mar Releases New Single, “Fix This”

Image of Elise Del Mar Taken by Sammy Joyce.

Elise Del Mar is a 20-year-old electropop/soft electronic artist. She is originally from the midwest, but moved to Nashville to pursue her career in music.

She currently attends Belmont University majoring in Songwriting with a minor in Music Business.

Her first single, “Didn’t Mean It” has gained over 26,000 streams on Spotify.

Elise started writing music as a way of self-expression while dealing with some of the daily struggles that come along with being a young adult.

Music is a way to let people into my life on a deeper level than what they see on the outside. I hope to be able to connect with people by putting raw emotions into songs and singing the words others sometimes struggle to find about how they feel.

Elise Del Mar

“Fix This” is a song about falling in love and having the perfect love story. Much like romantic movies they have happy endings, and the movies that don’t have happy endings are sole crushing for hopeless romantics (much like myself).

Instead of a happy ending, you guessed it, this song ends in heartbreak.

With hints of pop, electronic music, lofi sounds, and an emotion-filled beat this song will have you “in your feels.”

Elise’s style of music reflects the one and only T. Swift and has similar sounds to Chelsea Cutler and Zara Larsson.

This song will help you heal post-breakup.

Check her out below, and stream “Fix This”!

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