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Indie-Pop Artist, Lena Fine, Releases New Single, “Dance Partner”

Singer-songwriter, Lena Fine, releases beautiful new single, “Dance Partner”!

Lena grew up in New Jersey, but is currently based in Philadelphia studying Screenwriting at Drexel University.

Lena started pursuing music when she was just fourteen. She goes on to say, “I’ve been writing songs for as long as I can remember, but I wrote my first song that really stuck with me when I was fourteen. I’ve been sining since I was seven, but finding something that clicked and that people actually wanted to hear made me realize it was pretty much all I wanted to do.”

One of Lena’s goals is to create authentic music for, and to, whoever it may resonate with.

Her honesty is reflected through her songwriting, and her music gives off all the indie-folk vibes.

“Dance Partner” is Lena’s first single off her upcoming EP.

This single should resonate with the people who felt isolated and alone when the world was shut down. Lena wrote this song in the summer of 2020 as she sat in her bedroom waiting for things to change (as many os us probably were).

“Dance Partner” is Lena’s first release under Philadelphia record label, Dime + Dog Records.

Previously, Lena has released three full length albums and continue to work on new music with producers Bay Dupuy and Robert Fine which is set to release in the fall of 2021.

Be on the look out!

We could all use a dance partner.

Part of “Dance Partner” is about the passing of time, and how even if it’s moving at an excruciatingly slow pace it still feels like we could be missing something. Most of the song is about yearning for someone or something to break up the mundanity and monotony of the days. It’s safe to say that, during quarantine, everyone reached a point where they were so incredibly bored that they were grasping at strings to keep us together. “Dance Partner” is about no one in particular, but really the idea of someone; someone to come along and fix all the problems, someone to fill in the blanks.

Lena Fine

Check her out below, and stream “Dance Partner”!

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