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Christina Nicole Releases Sophomore Single, “Drifting” And It Will Have You Sinking in Your Emotions

Photo by Max Smullen.

New Jersey native, Christina Nicole, releases sophomore single, “Drifting”!

This is a dark, pop inspired track that mourns over a heart shattering kind of love. Are you ready to come face to face with your emotions?

Growing up in Freehold, New Jersey, music always came naturally to Christina. She grew up singing songs around the house and performed karaoke for school talent shows evolving in greater opportunities from middle to high school.

She is currently studying Recording Arts and Music Production at Drexel University’s Music Industry Program.

Christina has always loved music, but as she spent time at her entertainment and technology high school is where is discovered her love for songwriting and sharing her music with the world.

The fact that something I love so much and has always been my escape also has the power to be somebody elses escape at the same time, is so powerful to me. I want to be the conversation over morning coffee. Being able to have that same emotional impact on an audience, but this time with my own words, and my own stories, truly became life changing.

christina nicole

Christina continues to be inspired by Lorde’s instrumentation and impactful lyrics. Her debut single, “At Sea” was released in September 2020.

Her sophomore single, “Drifting”, is out NOW as it was also inspired by the ocean.

This song is about an ocean ruining a person as they sink into it. I chose to use an ocean to represent this story for specific reasons. Oceans appear absolutely stunning and entrancing when looking at them from a distance. But as you go in, deeper and deeper, you can no longer keep your head above the ruthless water. Something that appeared so beautiful could easily take everything from a person.

Christina nicole

Check Christina out below, and stream ‘Drifting’!

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