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LJR Releases Irresistible New Single, “Need a Little Lovin'”

After much continued success with his first two singles, “I Can’t Say” and “More Time”, LJR continues to hit the ground running. He recently released his third single, “Need a Little Lovin'”.

“Need a Little Lovin'” is the track to listen to, to put you in the best mood possible with its high-energy anthem.

This song tells a story detailing the excitement of love and the frustration we can experience when we get in our own way in a new relationship. I can’t be the only one to experience this feeling, right?

As mentioned before, this is LJR’s third single that will form his debut album, “When the Sky Begins to Fall.” His upcoming album is a collection that highlights LJR’s personal growth, and revealing the raw, organic experiences and moments that have shaped him over the past decade.

Be on the look out for more music coming from LJR monthly that will eventually construct his debut album.

His previous features “I Can’t Say” can be found here, and “More Time” here.

Need a Little Lovin’ is about desperately needing love from someone in order to feel okay, not knowing what to do when you get healthy love, and pushing it away, and repeating the pattern. It features my close friend and college roommate, Gurpreet Sarin (American Idol), who plays tabla and sings North Indian classical style on this track, and my brother Daniel John Roberts with a ripping rock guitar solo.


Check LJR out below, and keep streaming “Need a Little Lovin'”!

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