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Mike Taveira Releases New Single Featuring Allie X, “Sex for Breakfast”

Rising queer pop artist, Mike Taveira, arrives back with his new single, “Sex for Breakfast (ft. Allie X)”.

“Sex for Breakfast” is the second single to be released from his approaching debut EP, ‘Cut Velvet’, following the lead single, ‘Switch’ which was released earlier this summer.

This highly anticipated EP will be released in early 2022. ‘Cut Velvet’ goes through the journey of Mike making the move to Los Angeles, the ups and downs of young love, and all the predators along the way.

This single features indie-pop star, Allie X and is packed with suggestive wordplay and beats that will get ya moving.

Making his artist debut back in 2019, Mike has received praise from Billboard Pride, Gay Times, PRIDE, and Attitude.

Mike showcases an infectious pop delicacy while tackling the twists, turns, and openness of sexual identity, love, gender and sex.

Mike is a lively force in the evolution of queer pop!

A message that we should always remember: be true to yourself – whoever you love, whatever you identify as, and whatever life throws your way.

“Sex for Breakfast” was one of those lightning-in-a-bottle songs. The idea came to me after an intense morning with this guy I was head over heels for. We were essentially dating but kept pretending it was a fling. We ended up in this almost masochistic cat-and-mouse game, knowing we were so right together but both being too uncomfortable to admit it.

Mike taveira

Photo of Mike Taveira Credited to Jon Stars.

Be on the look out for Mike’s EP ‘Cut Velvet’, connect with him below, and stream ‘Sex for Breakfast’!

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