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Caroline Romano Releases New Single, “Ireland in 2009”

Nashville based singer-songwriter, Caroline Romano, releases new electric single, “Ireland in 2009”!

Following the release of her singles, “Oddities and Prodigies” and “Lonely Interlude”, “Ireland in 2009” is the single about gritty teenage romance.

Throughout her releases, it’s easily noted that Caroline has a signature of unfiltered lyricism.

It’s a story of falling in love in car parks and waking up in your school clothes. It’s about being far too young to know anything at all and the all-or-nothing emotions that come with juvenescence.

Caroline Romano

Caroline has a talent for storytelling and this single is no different where she’s channels the nostalgia of young love.

In Ireland in 2009 / With my sundress that you kept like a prize… in the car park listening to Blink / He’s got his Calvins in the backseat

Caroline’s songwriting ability shows that she’s wise beyond her years displaying the highs and lows of being young in today’s world.

At just 20-years-old, Caroline has racked up millions of streams and has been praised by Hollywood Life, American Songwriter, and Just Jared.

She even landed a single “I Still Remember” with R3HAB on the Billboard Dance charts. What?!!

I saw the movie Cherrybomb recently, that was made in Belfast, Ireland in 2009, and I thought it would be a lovely place to write this story. I’ve never been to Ireland, and I was only 8 years old in 2009, but I’m obsessed with scenarios I know I’ll never experience. I think we all have our own versions and our own times and places of ‘Ireland in 2009.’ I hope this song reminds you of yours.

Caroline Romano
Image of Caroline Romano Credited To Gavin Bullard.

Connect with Caroline below and stream “Ireland in 2009”!

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