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Indie-folk Singer-Songwriter, Ruby Greenberg, Releases New Single “Run Away”

New York City based singer-songwriter, Ruby Greenberg, releases new single, “Run Away”!

“Run Away” is all about taking risks and finding our place in this world.

Ruby was only five years old when she discovered her love for singing. That love grew into a passion for music and songwriting.

Music became a power that connected her with the people she loved.

I’ve always wanted to create connection with other people. I want to use empathy to build that connection and reach people, and I think the way I reach that deeper level is through music.

She pursued jazz during her college years, but later gravitated towards the singer-songwriter style, fully embracing it.

She immediately self-produced local shows, booked regional tours, and even recorded her own music.

Formerly a Colorado native now established in NYC, Ruby remains connected to the outdoors.

She has used her mountain-view roots as inspiration in her writing.

“Run Away” embodies her experiences of living in the city and reflects on the memories that she’s never forgotten back home.

‘Run Away’ is a song about loving home. When I first moved to New York, I was constantly surrounded by new people and experiences—I could walk down the same street every day and see something I’d never noticed before. I was usually excited, but some days I got homesick, wishing for comfort and familiarity. I wrote ‘Run Away’ when I was feeling particularly nostalgic. One day I was sitting in a tiny rehearsal room with only an old piano and a small window that faced another wall. I started playing a melody on the piano, thinking of home and the way that the mountains out west created my sense of direction.

Ruby Greenberg

Connect with Ruby below, and stream “Run Away”!

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