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After Stepping Away from Career, Wyke van Weelden Releases New Single, “take me where you wanna go”

Dutch singer-songwriter, Wyke van Weelden, releases new single “take me where you wanna go”!

While her career was starting to take off, she decided to step back for personal reasons, but now she’s back!

This single is by far her most special and professional project yet.

At 19 years old, Wyke started her music career in 2012 debuting on national Dutch television where she performed her single, “I Do Love”. Check out the single below.

That same night she was trending #3 on Twitter. With this success, she had multiple radio performances and interviews.

She’s been asked to write for movies and commercials with songs “Make You Mine” (The Pool 2014) and “World of Blue” (WWF’s biggest campaign of the year).

She has also performed in concert halls such as The RAI and Ziggodome in Amsterdam.

During the middle of 2020, she lived in Spain and covered “Soldadito de Hierro”, an original by Nil Moliner.

Wyke ended up making an official English version called “Soldier” which was released by Warner Chappell.

“take me where you wanna go” is just the beginning of what
Wyke wants to accomplish as an independent songwriter.

She is working on her music independently, and is focusing on bringing art and stories into her songs and music videos.

In my opinion everything should make sense. In “take me where you wanna go” the lyrics do not only connect with the music, but also with everything that happens in the videoclip. I find image and videoclip as important as the feeling and production of the songs, it really has to be special. And thanks to an amazing team of artists I was lucky to work with, we succeeded in creating something with meaning. I feel like I truly found my way back into music and that this is what I want to create.


Check out her official music video for “take me where you wanna go” below!

Connect with Wyke below!

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