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Jude Shuma Releases New Audiovisual Project “Suzy Space Cadet”

Back in October of this year, Jude Shuma released a new audiovisual project, “Suzy Space Cadet”!

Jude is an artist who thrives off experimentation and pushing the limits of his own creative boundaries.

“Suzy Space Cadet” is one part album, one part comic book; it’s a true multimedia project that consumes both music and art.

This project is best experienced as a whole – fans should listen to the album while reading the comic.

Jude’s songs have been heard in hit network shows: Riverdale, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Quantico.

Jude discovered his passion for music at an early age finding inspiration from The Beatles and Nirvana.

He has racked up hundreds of thousands on Spotify alone due to his audiovisual success.

Based out of Chicago, Jude works alone in his studio preparing for new music.

“Suzy Space Cadet” was born from the monotony of quarantine and the freedom of unrestrained exploration.

I wrote the story of “Suzy Space Cadet” before I even started to write any of the music. About a girl who, despite having a lover and beautiful life, is still filled with longing and desire to go out and explore the galaxy. She finally leaves home only to find that her lust for wandering would be her ultimate demise. That all of the new friendships and partying she did along the way left her feeling more empty and meaningless than before. She realized everything she ever needed was back at home; she already had it.

Once I wrote the story and established the concept of outer space, the record took off on its own. I started to experiment with sonic textures using my Roland 201 Space Echo religiously. I got real deep into the idea of re-amping tracks at that time. I would either completely alter a sound or maybe take both the original and the re-amped track and blend them both together. It was a lot of toying around with ideas and wanting to find unique tones.”


Connect with Jude below, and check out “Suzy Space Cadet”!

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