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New York Artist, Jake Daniels, Releases Debut EP, “Obsessed”

New York artist, Jake Daniels, releases debut EP, “Obsessed”!

This is his largest body of work to date under CloudKid.

“Obsessed”, the alt-pop track, is the last chapter of the series involving two characters whose quest for love is an emotional rollercoaster.

His staple is emotive sounds, and compelling, narrative-based storytelling.

This is only just the beginning for artists that are able to connect with not only themselves and their surroundings, but for their listeners to actually connect and relate.

Although it’s not rare nowadays to relate to a song or album, it just means so much more especially in this ever-changing industry.

Obsessed” follows the storyline of a relationship between two, dare I say, toxic individuals. The main character finds himself infatuated with the other person, and gets addicted to their fling, undefined-style relationship quickly, but finds himself wanting more with every subsequent visit and interaction. The other party doesn’t want to commit to anything serious, and it becomes an issue over time between them, where the initial person starts to become so attached, it starts bordering obsession. It’s meant to deep dive and mirror the fling-style relationship trend that is happening now in our generation. Although not everyone goes through it this way, it’s becoming more common to just date who you want when you want, no commitment involved. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with it, but wanted to bring light to what that could feel like between the two people involved, from my perspective.


Jake was born and raised in a small city in upstate New York. His musical journey began early in life surrounded by his gifted parents and siblings.

Only releasing music since 2019, Jake has made a huge impact on the pop and alternative charts.

“Two Face”, his most viral track, is what pushed his career to what it is today.

Youtube’s animation and Gacha community welcomed this track with open arms gaining listeners attention all over the world in a matter of months.

Jake Daniels, keep bringing that dark alt-pop our way.

The initial person starts to become attached, it starts to border obsession.”


Connect with Jake below and stream “Obsessed”!

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