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SUCKERPUNCH! Releases New Single, “Nightcalls”

Photo Credited to Josiane Farand.

Two friends, Jonathan and Thierry, bonded over their love for early 2000s pop during the height of the global pandemic.

Over the course of quarantine, both passed the time by sending riffs to each other.

The two realized, with this act over the pandemic, that they had some promising songs on their hands.

Both decided to take a leap of faith by demoing their tracks with Montreal songwriter and producer, Luc Sylvestre.

Their rough demos quickly grabbed the attention of local musicians, Frederic Thuot and Romain Prugne, and you guessed it, SUCKERPUNCH! was formed.

Infusing high energy songs with a modern pop aesthetic, the band recruited Canadian duo, The Lost Boys, to develop their sound.

Their debut EP consists of four tracks with a modern pop sensibility.

It’s currently unreleased and is expected to be released in mid 2022.

As you wait on their EP, you can listen to singles, “Break Up” and “Nightcalls”!

One rule: “Make pop punk fun again.”

Connect with SUCKERPUNCH! below and stream “Nightcalls”!

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