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Maddy Wood Releases Powerful New Single, “If I Could Move”

Photo of Maddy Wood by Layla Ku.

Maddy Wood releases new single, “If I Could Move”! Out now!

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, 21-year-old singer/songwriter, Maddy Wood, describes herself as a “Rock ‘n’ Roll glitter princess“.

She combines her love of classic rock sounds from Led Zeppelin and Stevie Nicks and puts her own twist on her music.

With her modern pop delicacy, meaningful vocals, and intriguing lyrics, one of Maddy’s most attractive features is that she grows beyond the boundaries of her idols.

Maddy whirls through a multitude of genres, and creates a sound that is energetic, emotional, and her own.

Her single, “Too Old to Play Pretend,” debuted in 2020 and has reached about 465,000 streams on Spotify.

Cheers to you, Maddy.

If I Could Move” is about being with someone who you share so much history with and has put you through so much, and how as time goes on, you’re both growing to resent each other. The toxicity of the relationship and the mental games you play keeps the excitement and spark there, but the thought of leaving almost seems worse than being alone.

Maddy Wood

Check her out below, and stream “If I Could Move”!

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