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Alt-Pop Artist, Laraw, Releases New Single, “Scissors”

Last Friday Montreal based singer-songwriter, Laraw, released new single, “Scissors”!

This single perfectly describes the highs and lows of romance and breakups.

Scissors is about the grief of having a loved one completely destroy you. Knowing they will and just letting it happen.” 


Coming from Lebanese and Moroccan roots, Laraw can speak and sing in French, English, and Arabic.

Music has come so naturally to her and she has so many ways to express herself.

Her sound draws inspiration from her years of studying music production and sound design (two very important things to know in the world of music).

Her goal is to temper with all the outdated music industry standards of the past.

She wants to create something authentic and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just honest.

“Scissors” is her first release for the year 2022 and we can’t wait to see what else she brings later on and throughout the years.

Scissors is for sure the most important song I’ve ever written and marked a new chapter of my life. I got to actually meet myself, grow, and learn that the first person you should always love is yourself.”


Connect with Laraw below and stream “Scissors”!

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